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16/05/2019                                                    AKEELTD BLOG
Our eAudiobook TE REREKA WAIRUA O POURAKAHUA has now been re-formatted as a six-chapter musical audiobook. We have been in negotiations with AudiobooksNZ, who have agreed to distribute this story, not only throughout Aotearoa, but also to 30 International Audiobook platforms, meaning it will be available for purchase globally. It will also become part of national and international library catalogues such as BOROW BOX, enabling our audiobook story to be hired out anywhere, anytime, by anyone.
Initially we are releasing TE REREKA WAIRUA O POURAKAHUA i te reo māori, as there are very few māori language titles in on-line catalogues, and even fewer i te reo Kāi Tahu. It feels great to be contributing our creative content to the world’s digital story platforms.  An Audiobook English version called THE ASCENSION OF POURAKAHUA is currently being edited and will be distributed, along with the te reo Māori version, by Audiobooks NZ, once completed.  The English version will make this story comprehensible to a much larger demographic nationally and overseas, so we look forward to this outcome as well.

We have six confirmed Creative Community Scheme sponsored primary school tours coming up in Whangarei, The Far North, Auckland, Kapiti Coast, Wellington, Hutt City and Christchurch. CCS sponsored Tours to Kawerau, Waipa, Upper Hutt and Timaru are also pending, awaiting the outcome of funding applications. In addition, we are performing a pre-school Matariki tour in Auckland, Hamilton and at Te Manawa museum in Palmerston North, as well as two extensive library tours in Auckland and around Wellington, where we are a head-line act for the ‘Beyond The Page’ Arts Festival.  Our 2019 touring calendar is officially chocka!

I am working on a full proposal to Māori Television to create another television series for children – a 10 X 7 minute episode stop-start animation series, provisionally titled TE PORI PŌHATU, based on the rock-art puppet characters introduced in our eAudiobook story. If my proposal is successfully supported we will begin pre-production work in 2020. I have learnt that nothing can be taken for granted in the grants world, no matter your experience – as always we’ll keep you posted on developments.

Jeffrey Addison

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To view audio e-books, original waiata, unique Mãori rock art puppet clothing, puppet show tour schedules & updates. Go to 

One time or monthly donations can be made to support a number of strands of our work to 
  1. Sponsor a FREE Kindergarten Puppet performance.
  2. Support post-production editing of an English version audio e-book. 
  3. Help us create an on-line library of Numba Haka videos for kindergartens.  Numba Haka is danced with the children after every puppet show performance.  Numba Haka is the kapa haka principle of putting actions to words, but instead puts actions to numbers and mathematical symbols, resulting in the dancing out of numerical sequences and to live drumming. An interactive session of action-learning where children have fun with the fundamentals of numeracy, while moving to live percussion. Numba Haka extends numeric vocabulary in English and Te Reo Maori. 

To view our innovative clothing designs using maori rock-art puppets visit 
These puppet designs come from our new Maori version audio e-book called 'Te Rereka Wairua o Pourakahua' funded by the Ministry of Education NZ. Go to 

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our work since 1995. 

We have spent the last 12 months working on our Ministry of Education commissioned te reo māori resource, adapting our theatrical puppet show TE REREKA – THE FLIGHT into a six chapter e-book, with page by page audio files.  Our multi-faceted e-book will be going on-line in April, hosted on a new MOE website. Our bi-lingual e-book manuscript features photo montages of our māori rock-art puppets on every page, with glossaries and photos of the rock-art sites where our story is set. We have also recorded 8 original waiata, i te reo Kāi Tahu, that are catchy as! The waiata will be used for promotion of  the e-book.
TE REREKA WAIRUA O POURAKAHUA has just been selected by TAKIRUA PRODUCTIONS to be part of their touring paybill. Takirua Productions have been presenting and touring work by Maori artists, for over 20 years. They will be mounting their own te reo māori production  and perform it for Kohaka Reo nationally in 2020 and Kura Kaupapa in 2021. They will be presenting a Te Reo Kāi Tahu version of our live theatrical show, that has now had more than 300 performances across Aotearoa. We couldn’t be more delighted at their interest and support of this story and helping raise its profile.
We have amassed a wealth of creative content in the making of our e-book and have now opened an on-line TE REREKA- THE FLIGHT treasure trove.  The link to our on-line whare-toi (Art house) is:
We are now shooting and posting our action-learning multi-lingual numeracy game called NUMBA HAKA.  Once you’ve learnt the number count and the symbols, you can play it yourself by yourself or with others.  Don’t spectate – partake!
Toro Pikopiko Puppets are fundraising and organizing a 2019 national tour of TE REREKA – THE FLIGHT, including regional library tours in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.  We are also seeking funding partners for our stop-start animation web series and for our next story – an eco-show called Mama Long-fin, which is due to premiere at the Pumphouse Theatre in Takapuna in October. Looks like a busy year ahead.
 Aotearoa Kinesthetic Educational  Entertainment
Jeffrey Addison and Whaitaima Te Whare  are the founders of  Aotearoa Kinesthetic Educational Entertainment.  We specialise in te Ao Mãori story-telling with a range of puppets including kare-tao puppets, and our latest invention FLATSIE Puppets
We have been performing together since 1995, when we set up Toro Pikopiko Puppet Theatre. We have been developing and teaching Numba Haka  bi- lingually, nationally and internationally since 2002.  


Kia ora Whaitaima and Jeff
The BIGGEST ever thank you to both you and Jeff for the most outstanding puppet presentation I have ever had the privilege to be entertained by.
Both the adults and children that attended your session this afternoon at Auckland’s Glenfield Library were captivated and fixated with the skill and imagination of your creative presentation. I just loved the interactiveness of your session. How the children and adults could engage and use the resources that you have created with incredible craftmanship. They have a  simple yet effective design, are easy to manipulate and manoeuvre and totally practical for their use. I just loved their prehistoric lines. Certainly reflecting early cave like images of the Maori. Well done !
I would like to commend you both, on your rapport with the audience. How you were spontaneous in your acting, involving the unpredictable actions of children, particularly the little girl who was under 3 years. How you guided her to participate in away that did not detract from the line of the story. This is the true skill of actors.
Whaitaima and Jeff what you presented the community of Glenfield and the staff of Glenfield Library will surely have a positive impression on us. It was brilliant.
One of our staff has his own theatre group. As part of his involvement with children at the library, he writes and delivers plays in the library, for the children for our local Kaipatiki communities during our school holidays. He was mesmerised and in awe of your session. The level of professionalism and imagination was very impressive. GOBSMACKED actually!
It has been such an honour to have had the pleasure of enjoying your presentation this afternoon.
Good luck with your future sessions. They are a treat.
Enjoy the chocolates.

Noho ora mai 

TORO PIKOPIKO PUPPETS are proud to have created a national treasure, that is now being adapted into a variety of on-line resources, funded by the Ministry of Education, for the benefit of our nation’s children and teachers.  
TE REREKA WAIRUA O POURAKAHUA – THE FLIGHT premiered at Te Ana Maori Rock-Art Centre on Waitangi Day, 2017 with over 300 performances nationally. TE RERENGA – THE FLIGHT is a forty-five-minute, interactive, acoustic rock musical, featuring 80 ‘Flatsie’ puppets inspired from ancient cave drawings around the Timaru district. The show re-tells a Ngai Tahu legend about Pourangahua and her epic flight to Aotearoa, with the aid of Matariki stars and migrating whales.  She flies from cave to cave, meeting a host of colourful characters including Bats, Creepy Crawlies, Moa, Pouakai Eagles, and Human Bird Hunters – intent on making Pourangahua their next meal.  

Bookings for your very own show of TE REREKA WAIRUA O POURAKAHUA - THE FLIGHT are now being taken, with priority given to those that book early.

Contact:  or phone 021 241 4541

Action Learning Puppetry
Check out new original puppet characters featured in our musical puppet show called "TE REREKA WAIRUA O POURAKAHUA -THE FLIGHT" that premiered at Te Ana Ngai Tahu Rock Art Centre, Waitangi Day 2017.

TE REREKA WAIRUA O POURAKAHUA - THE FLIGHT – is a 1 hour show, with 8 catchy original songs written especially for years 1 – 8 primary school children.   This immersive production takes its audience back in time hundreds of  years where they help animate a multitude  of rock art puppets who meet up with Pou, while she is seeking her whanau. Children interactively learn about our cultural heritage by taking part in this historic awakening of prehistoric rock art figures that have previously been fixed images on cliff walls and cave ceilings.  

Please forward enquiries here.

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