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Waitangi day performance at Te Ana Rock-Art Centre 2017.


Toro Pikopiko Sting
Jeffrey Addison
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 Aotearoa Kinesthetic Education & Entertainment
Jeffrey Addison and Whaitaima Te Whare  are the founders of  Aotearoa Kinesthetic Educational Entertainment.  We specialise in te Ao Mãori story-telling with a range of puppets including kare-tao puppets, and our latest invention FLATSIE Puppets
We have been performing together since 1995, when we set up Toro Pikopiko Puppet Theatre. We have been developing and teaching Numba Haka  bi- lingually, nationally and internationally since 2002.  We also teach  Mãori language pronunciation courses using letter head puppets, animated by the participants. 

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AKEE TV_#1 Demo TE RERENGA-THE FLIGHT_A Musical Maori Rock-Art Animation_ 22 11 2017.
#1 Best TE RERENGA-THE FLIGHT. A Musical Maori Rock-Art Animation. Video & Sound by Jeffrey J Addison and Whaitaima Te Whare.



TORO PIKOPIKO PUPPETS   are proud to have created a national treasure, that is now being adapted into a variety of on-line resources, funded by the Ministry of Education, for the benefit of our nation’s children and teachers.  
TE RERENGA – THE FLIGHT premiered at Te Ana Maori Rock-Art Centre on Waitangi Day, 2017 with over 200 performances nationally. TE RERENGA – THE FLIGHT is a forty-five-minute, interactive, acoustic rock musical, featuring 80 ‘Flatsie’ puppets inspired from ancient cave drawings around the Timaru district. The show re-tells a Ngai Tahu legend about Pourangahua and her epic flight to Aotearoa, with the aid of Matariki stars and migrating whales.  She flies from cave to cave, meeting a host of colourful characters including Bats, Creepy Crawlies, Moa, Pouakai Eagles, and Human Bird Hunters – intent on making Pourangahua their next meal.  

Bookings for your very own show of TE RERENGA - THE FLIGHT are now being taken, with priority given to those that book early.

Contact:  or phone 021 241 4541

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AKEE TV - Mighty Maui Maori Music Video
Toro Pikopiko Puppetry create innovative Puppet shows using side-ways centric puppets. Finalist in what-now-best-children's-music-video- award-2016. Musical Mighty Maui is one of two versions based on...

Action Learning Puppetry
Check out new original puppet characters featured in our musical puppet show called "TE RERENGA-THE FLIGHT" that premiered at Te Ana Ngai Tahu Rock Art Centre, Waitangi Day 2017.

TE RERENGA - THE FLIGHT – is a 1 hour show, with 8 catchy original songs written especially for years 1 – 8 primary school children.   This immersive production takes its audience back in time hundreds of  years where they help animate a multitude  of rock art puppets who meet up with Pou, while she is seeking her whanau. Children interactively learn about our cultural heritage by taking part in this historic awakening of prehistoric rock art figures that have previously been fixed images on cliff walls and cave ceilings.  

Please forward enquiries here.

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