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TORO PIKOPIKO PUPPETS present the world’s first Māori Rock-Art Puppet Production.
In our 22 years of creating and touring Māori themed entertainment for children THE FLIGHT- TE RERENGA - will be our most immersive, interactive & memorable show ever.

THE FLIGHT – TE RERENGA is an acoustic rock musical, featuring 80 Flatso puppets inspired from ancient cave drawings made on Limestone cliffs and caves around the Timaru district. The show re-tells a Ngai Tahu legend about Pourangahua the Birdman and his epic flight to Aotearoa in search of his own kind. The Birdman flies from cave to cave, meeting a host of colourful characters including Bats, Creepy Crawlies, Moa, Pouakai Eagles and human Bird Hunters – who are intent on making Pourangahua their next meal.
THE FLIGHT – TE RERENGA is a thirty-minute show, for years 2 -5 pre-school aged children.   This engaging production takes its audience back in time a thousand years where they get fully involved helping tell the story by animating a host of rock art puppets that meet up with the Birdman, while he is searching for his whanau.
With 2016 research and development funding from Creative NZ, THE FLIGHT - TE RERENGA is a result of a collaboration with the Te Ana Maori Rock Art Centre in Timaru, where the show will premiere on Waitangi Day, 2017.  Our shared aim is to increase the appreciation and awareness of indigenous Rock Art among our nation’s children, so that they may value and help protect these vulnerable national treasures in the future. A comprehensive nation-wide tour this rock-art puppet show, organized on a region-by-region basis, is a pathway towards achieving this aim.

Bookings for your centres very own 2017 stop-over of THE FLIGHT/ TE RERENGA are now being taken, with priority given to those that book early.

Contact: , or phone 021 241 4541
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