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MAY 2013

NZ Playcentre Federation Conference-May 2013

Kia ora Jeffrey and Whaitaima,
Thank you very much for running a workshop at the Playcentre Conference.  It was very popular!!  We asked delegates for feedback on the Conference and the overall message was that the variety and quality of workshops was great.  We also got some fantastic feedback specifically on your workshop:
Highlights / What Worked Well & Why?
Awesome, Awesome.
Awesome. Great learning session info and contacts to run an association wide event. Numba Haka Literacy.
I think that was the best workshop I have ever been too.
Awesome workshop - Very active.
They are phenomenal! The go without say! I would readily book them at a venue.
*What a fun session! I would like to see them again.

*Numba Haka was amazing. Very active learning.
All of it! Brilliant concepts for teaching numeracy and literacy.
Numeracy whole body enthusiastic movement of numbers.
Getting attendees involved, passing everything around telling us how to make some of the puppets.
Enthusiasm shared in using puppets.
Numba Haka.
Great workshop. Great teachers.
Number haka, amazing puppet stories, Jeffrey’s personality.
Te Reo Maori. Numa Haka. Excellent,animated, knowledge and relaxed presenters.
Number Haka. How to teach literacy to children/early childhood. The use of puppets.
Resources great and great interaction and well presented and with clarity.
Fantastic. Energetic. Lots of fun. Practical for use in Playcentre.
*Do more numba haka
Longer time frame next time.
English “letter book” sounds would be great if they were more phonics based eg. A as in hat not cake.
More puppetry tools for the future.
Have them do a 10 minute energiser for the whole group.  Invite them back.
In terms of ‘What learning tools did i I get in that’ What could I take back to a session tomorrow zero.
General Comments
*Passionate facilitators made this experience awesome.
Thoroughly enjoyed it! Best workshop I have done ever.
Good workshop.
Please get them for next conference.
Look forward to seeing Whaitaima Te Whare again. AWESOME!!
Very well done presenter.
May contact them to see about providing PD within our association. - Running the workshop.
So it looks like your workshop was both really fun and great learning!  We’d certainly love to have you back to a Playcentre Conference again.  Thanks again for a fantastic workshop.
Ngā mihi,
Catherine Cooper
Operations Manager
NZ Playcentre Federation
Phone: 04 976 6824
Mobile: 021 137 0748

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