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January 2014

Rotorua District Library

Dear Whaitaima & Jeff
Thank you so very much for being a part of our 2013 – 2014 Summer Reading Holiday Programme Finale here at our Library it was a great show. As the children’s librarians we appreciate the hard work that goes into preparing and organising these shows, the professionalism and passion was brilliant. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and seeing how much fun both the children and families had watching it. The fact that it was so interactive was wonderful and it was obvious that the children loved being involved and a part of the story.
We have had some great feedback from children, parents/guardians and library staff:
“I liked being in the show, it was cool”. (Child)
“It was a great show, you could tell the parents and children really enjoyed it”.  (Library staff)
“I loved that they incorporated numeracy into the Haka as a crowd participation exercise, my son really connected with this activity, Thank you”. (Parent)
“What an awesome show for the kids, well worth bringing my kids they loved it. Thanks”. (Parent)
“It was funny, I liked being the rocks”. (Child)
“Their props and equipment was awesome, colourful and high impact”. (Library staff)
Once again thank you both very much we look forward to having you and your show back for future events. Take care and we wish you all the success for your future endeavours.
Kind Regards
T.A Rangi & Kylie Foster

(Rotorua District Library Children’s)
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