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JUNE 2015 Student Feedback

Our Lady Star of the Sea School, Howick, Auckland

Feedback of the Mighty Maui Puppet Show from Our Lady Star of the Sea school
Howick, Auckland May 2015.

“The Puppet Show was EPIC.”
“It captured us all the way through and we were really caught up in the act.”
“I think the puppetshow you did was really cool and thank you for letting us do our own puppet show.”
“ Your very talented to make all those puppets.”
“Thank you for letting us watch your puppet show it was really funny and thank you for letting us play with your puppets.”
“I loved the puppets cause when I heard it was a puppet show I thought you put them on your hands, it was quite creative how you made them and how they walked.”
“I liked it how the taniwha got kicked by Maui, I’m gonna save the day, Kapow!”
Feedback after the Environmental Workshop with students.

“I thought making up our own stories using your puppets was really fun.”

“It learned us how to test like and use our imagination and also it learned us how to do team work.”

“It would be fun to have class puppet shows, those puppets are really easy to operate.”
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