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February 2014

Whangamata Area School

Whangamata Area School-February 2014
The puppet show today was excellent value, super entertainment and good learning. The puppets were lifesize articulated painted plywood. The story was interspersed with fun songs and lots of audience participation. There was humour and lots of action. They also presented a half hour " Numba Haka" interaction showing how body actions combined with numbers can be an active way to enjoy learning basic maths facts and learning to do equations in English and  Maori .Here are some comments from children in Room 6...

Madison-" I enjoyed being a cloud. I liked Numba Haka, doing 1,000,000 was fun"Cade-" I loved the part when Biscuit Boy sailed on the sea and Apo chased him. I liked Ruamoko, Rockman, because he looked strong".
Violet-" I liked the songs, the taniwha and when biscuit boy was in the pram"
Amethyst-" I really liked the part when you ran away from the biscuit boy"
Jayda-" I enjoyed everything, my favourire part was being a cloud, I appreciate all the hard work"

Feedback comments from staff.
See you again, Ka kite ano
Karin Spencer

 Mrs Somerville
Great student involvement and manner with students. Students got a lot out of the whole presentation.

Mrs B Baxter    ( 18/02/2014 4:03:31 pm )
I really enjoyed the interaction - all feedback from the kids was great too.  Numba Haka is becoming one of our math games!

Miss R Meiklejohn    ( 18/02/2014 3:34:50 pm )
Very well handled by the actors I felt. They vibed up the audience, then calmed them down appropriately. Using volunteers was a stirling method of adding volume to the stage and the props were fantastic, and easy to handle. Thumbs up! And the number haka was brill!!




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