Musical Audio book now in Production for Ministry of Education
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Musical Audio book now in Production for Ministry of Education

CLIENT MEDIA RELEASE                                                                          01/07/2018
ROCKING ROCK-ART                                                    TE REREKA – THE FLIGHT
  • Musical Audio book now in Production for Ministry of Education

  • CCS sponsored tours of Rock-art Puppet Show and Rock-art Puppetry Workshops throughout 2018, 2019. 

Our puppet show TE REREKA – THE FLIGHT is into its second year of national touring. TORO PIKOPIKO PUPPETS are busier than ever, performing this acclaimed rock-art inspired musical, in conjunction with holding children’s rock-art puppetry workshops. With R & D funding from Creative NZ, this show has gained funding support from more than 30 Creative Community Schemes throughout the country, allowing us to offer heavily subsidised shows and workshops to the majority of our primary and intermediate-aged audiences throughout 2018 and 2019.
The live show has now been adapted into a six-chapter musical audio book, funded by the Ministry of Education. Eight original waiata are being recorded in a Taupo studio, with voice actor rehearsals also currently taking place.
This free on-line learning resource will be launched on a new MOE web-site in December 2018. The on-line version will be initially released in the Kāi Tahu dialect, along with a series of rock-art animation stills and photos of various rock-art sites depicted in the story, that accompany the published manuscript. Each chapter has its own glossary as well as appendices containing chord charts and teachers notes, allowing for in-depth interaction and exploration of the resource.

An English-language version of the audio book will be available from early 2019 onwards, with a dedicated TE REREKA – THE FLIGHT website ‘Flight Centre’ under construction.

The show re-tells a Kāi Tahu legend about a Bird Woman called Pourakahua and her epic flight to Aotearoa, with the aid of Matariki stars and migrating whales. While seeking her own kind she flies from cave to cave, valley to valley, meeting a host of colourful rock-art inspired characters including Bats, Creepy Crawlies, Moa & Pouākai Eagles, all the while pursued by a bevy of Bird Hunters. 
TE REREKA – THE FLIGHT is an hour-long interactive show, developed in collaboration with Te Ana Māori Rock art Centre in Timaru. It is performed in English, with some te reo māori waiata.
Children help animate eighty rock-art puppets, learning about our nation’s amazing rock-art heritage in a very tactile way, throughout the show. They then use their own imaginations and our rock-art puppets to tell their own stories in hour long puppetry workshops. (40 children maximum.)
Our unsubsidised performance costs are $700 plus GST per performance.                    The show and puppetry workshops are suitable for years 1 – 8 children.                         The subsidised performance and workshop cost is $50.

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