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Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori (2015) at Tauranga City Libraries

For Māori Language Week in 2015 Tauranga City Libraries Māori Events Team invited Toro Pikopiko Puppetry to perform two shows to children at Baycourt on Wednesday 29 July 2015. Their show was called Mighty Maui: The Daring Deeds of Māui. Photos: Debbie McCauley
Mighty Maui: The Daring Deeds of Māui is a puppet musical written and performed by Jeffrey Addison and Te Whaitaima Te Whare. It includes the legends of Māui Tikitiki-ā-Taranga; fishing up of land; slowing down the sun; shape-shifting and bringing fire to humankind. The show includes hand drumming and traditional Maori instruments.  

Jeffrey & Whaitaima created a new form of layered 2D puppetry called ‘Flatso’, and sixty of these puppets are part of the show. The children get to play the parts of Maui’s dolphins, Maui’s buff brothers, fish, forest birds, and a giant eel called Tunaroa. The show was interactive, with the children and adults having the opportunity to puppeteer, dance and sing along to original waiata and perform a haka numeracy game called Numba Haka.
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