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Give these carefully crafted images as XL Photo Magnets  
(295 x 225 mm) to your friends, to your children, whanau, teachers, students, staff and work colleagues to raise awareness of our special little Maui dolphins.  Read more below..............
Photographs by Whaitaima  Te Whare     

Maui Dolphin XL Photo Magnets (295 x 225 mm)
Flatso Legends Magnets
2 magnets $30 receive 1 FREE
1 pack of 6 Magnets $90 receive 2 FREE
1 pack of 12 Magnets $180 receive 4 FREE

Informative links to websites that are dedicated to saving DOLPHINS and other marine wildlife globally.
- Ric O'Barry and Ben Stiller on Larry King Live talk about the affect on humanity of the DVD called 'THE COVE'. 

-   Read the BOOK 'Behind the Dolphin Smile' by Ric O'Barry

- Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project is committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and protecting dolphins around the world from captivity.               


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